the strength of silence

I've always been opinionated. And vocally so. I like to think that makes me a strong person. Someone who knows her mind and speaks it.

Today I was left wondering if maybe those who sit quietly and listen are stronger.

Someone told me this morning that she finds sitting back and listening to others helps her stay open minded and at the same time grounds her even further in her faith and beliefs. She doesn't feel the need to tell everyone what she thinks. She doesn't need validation that her opinion matters to others. It matters to her and that's enough.

I found that really profound.

I've never been afraid to assert my opinion and sometimes drown out others with the strength of my convictions.

I never thought that to be able to do that, someone else is sitting back and just listening.

I'd like to be that person who listens more.

That's pretty strong...

I'm working on it.


  1. Profound indeed. I tend to be quiet as well and listen to what others have to say. I always feel I could learn a few more things while quietly gathering information.


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