The start of something wonderful

That's what I think when I look out at my finally planted garden.

I've planted potatoes and beans, peas and carrots, zucchini and Hubbard squash, lots of swiss chard and some beets. There is lettuce and dill and parsley too. Along the fence are my raspberry canes. We have 4 sweet little canes coming up this year. At the far corner is my rhubarb patch. It looks like someone was out hacking at it (I promise to post a few rhubarb recipes for you this week).

Around the corner in my front flower bed live my tomatoes and cucumbers. I also planted 3 pumpkin seeds. I sure hope they come up!

I always love the start of gardening season. I love how green and fragile the new seedlings are. I love the promise of yummy veggies for our table. I also love the weeding (I need to get on those dandelions!).

I know that as the summer ripens and so do my plants, chores like weeding and harvest will lose their shine.

I know that by the end of fall, I'll be glad to put the garden to rest.

I know that today, I'm in love with this space.


  1. What a gorgeous yard you have and how fun to eat home grown veggies! Working in the dirt is the most satisfying work and makes the home-growns taste like Heaven.

  2. What a nice stretch, Jill!!! It'll look so amazing when the plants start popping up taller.

  3. We are trying for a pumpkin for the first time, too!


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