Goodbye Cleanse!

I'm done! Today is my last day! Thank goodness!

I'm tired of smoothies for breakfast and pureed soup for supper.

I want a toasted bagel with tomato and basil. I can't wait to have a cup of coffee and chocolate! Oh my! Chocolate! Maybe a small glass of red wine too! Oooh... I'm having a moment here!

Goodbye smoothies...

I'll probably continue taking the vitamins until they're gone though.

And the big spinach/chicken/cucumber/walnut/quinoa/avocado salads for lunch were pretty awesome :)


  1. Congratulations on your will power and determination. You must feel good. But then again YAY for coffee, chocolate & wine:)

  2. I'm very impressed w/your willpower for this cleanse biz. How long did it last? 3 weeks or something? Did you notice a difference? Lose weight?

  3. I did lose weight but I don't really need to. I felt really good after the first 3 days and slept great, had tons of energy. I'll do it again but probably in January and maybe for just 2 weeks instead of 3.


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