Plant Hunting

I finally made it to U & K Greenhouse on Saturday. I love wandering around the flowers and vegetables looking for something new and grabbing a few of my favorites.

I picked out a ton of Tomatoes! We have beefsteak and cherry, red ones and orange ones. I love fresh picked tomatoes and hopefully this year we'll have lots! I also grabbed 12 cucumber pants because we love those too.

I got some herbs to add to my flower pots this year. I bought Sweet Basil and Thai Basil (very purple!) and Thyme and Sage. I'm also growing Peppermint in it's own pot. I love using herbs in my cooking and can't wait to use them fresh.

The flowers I bought this year are a mix of old standbys and some new pretties that caught my eye. I have a mix of Petunias and some pink and white Geraniums. I also planted some basket stuffers with white blossoms called Diamond Frost Euphorbia, Snow Princess Alyssum, and Robe White Nierembergia. I have lots of purple in my garden in the spring with all the Irises so I was in the mood for some cool white. I bought some lilac and white variegated Heliotrope and a lovely tall flower called Stock in pinks and purples.

My pots are looking good, all freshly planted. I know as the season moves on they'll fill out and explode with colour.

I'm definitely getting more hanging baskets next year!


  1. wonderful garden stuff!! I plant tomatoes and herbs every year too- it's so satisfying growing your own veg, isn't it!

  2. What fun to shop for! What kind of flower is in that hanging plant? My mom used to have those.

  3. Hi! I found you on ravelry and have been silently following for awhile, but it was beginning to feel creepy, especially since I was just at u&k last week and had the thai basil that you mention in my hand. SO, just wanted to say "hi" and introduce myself since I'm just mere minutes away in the Fort. Love your tales of knitting, gardening, mothering, adventuring... I may just have to stop into your knitting group sometimes and I've been wishing there was one here to join.


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