Out Wenching

Yup, that's what I did last night.

Sometime ago I volunteered to help out some friends at a fundraiser they were putting on to raise money for a new Splashpark in our town. They were staging a Medieval Feast complete with food, entertainment and later in the evening a Cabaret. I thought it would be fun to dress up and serve trenchers of Cornish Hens and baked potatoes to the hungry hordes. And it was!

I got to put my Wandering to the test and it worked very well with the wench outfit I was given.

This Rice Crispie Square Castle was lots of fun. It even had some knights and a dragon. It was completely devoured by all the kids. A definite hit.

Scott's outfit was pretty funny. I have no idea how he didn't knock all the drinks over with his gargantuan sleeves. That Pepsi fridge isn't exactly fitting with the theme though is it?

My friend Sheryl is a very fine knitter and she donated some beautiful hand knits to be auctioned off. I am so stunned by her amazing purses! They're just beautiful. Fingerless mittens are all the rage and these green ones are cute and soft. She's got a fine hand at turning out a Marley Topper too.

One the best parts of the night was watching Erin get sawed by the magician Chester. He did such a good job making the audience laugh and Erin played along too.

I'm not quite sure how much money they raised but I know if they do this again I'm so there! What a great night!


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