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Well I've been a busy girl lately. While I've read and kept up with the blogs I follow, I've been a bit lazy about posting on mine. Sorry about that.

Last week we had some lovely weather and things finally started to leaf out. My apple tree has turned green, the raspberries are looking wonderful and the tulips were blooming. Unfortunately we've also had some crazy winds and said tulips lost their petals in a hurry.

I took the warm weather as a sign to get out in the garden and plant some seeds. I got 6 rows of potatoes in and a few rows of lettuce and herbs like parsley and dill. I also threw (literally) some wildflower seeds in my front flower bed and planted some rows of sunflowers and hollyhocks.

The birds have busy fighting over nesting sites and lady birds and my friend saw an Oriole in her yard. So along with bird seed we have a few cut up oranges out to tempt them.

B has cut the lawn twice now and it is green green green! I love it! He rigged up a Kayak transporter to throw in my trunk. I can easily strap the yak to it and pull it to the water. I'm pretty excited to try it out. He also made some racks on the ceiling of the garage to store the yaks out of the way. They look pretty impressive I think. I'm glad he had time to putz around and make me stuff!

I've been admiring the Johnny Jump Ups that have jumped all over my yard. Here they are in my lower bed, but they also live in my lawn and next to the driveway, under the trees, and probably in a few more spots I haven't discovered yet.

In knitting news I've been busy putting the finishing touches on the latest swap in the Itty Bitty group on Ravelry. It's a cupcake theme and let me tell you, there are lots of things out there in consumer land that work perfectly for this swap! I had a hard time not putting things in the package. I knew it was going a long way away and I really wanted to make it special so I tried to keep the items high quality. I bought some goodies and some cupcake making do-hickies.

I also bought some local yarn. I went to Golden Willow (because I know she stocks items from around here) and bought some alpaca from Balgonie and some from Bolivia (not a close neighbor of ours but a really pretty gray alpaca!) and I bought some hand dyed yarn from doglover. I've bought her yarn before and I love the kettle dyed effect she gets. Really pretty stuff. I hope my swap partner likes it too!

I also added the knitted elements that make the swaps so much fun. I made the Cupcake Hat in the Itty Bitty Nursery book by Susan B Anderson. Actually I made 2. I'll tell you why after my partner gets the package. I also made the Cupcake Pincushion, also by Susan B Anderson. It's a free pattern on the Spud & Chloe website so check it out.

Today being Friday is my day off and I'm going to spend it taking Mr. Man to story time at the library and maybe the ice cream parlour. I know I'll be checking the post office for parcels (I'm expecting 3!) and of course knitting! I have a few projects that are really close to being finished.

Happy Friday! :)


  1. All sounds wonderful! And what a cute photo of "Mr. Man". Enjoy your day!

  2. What a great day you're having :O). You have a pretty, emerging garden.


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