Story Time

I remember going to Story Time when I was very small. Only vague bits and pieces, but I remember putting on my PJ's and going to the library and sitting in a circle. That's about it. I also remember the smell of the library. I love a good musty library to this day!

Yesterday I took Mr. Man to story time at our local library. They have it Friday mornings and he's finally old enough to go. Not only do the kids get to listen to Danielle read stories, they also get to do a craft. Last week was about bugs and Mr. Man made a spider. He loved that spider!

This week was about Teddy Bears. He even got bring a stuffed bear to leave at the library over night. Who knows what kind of mischief his Panda will get into.

They read books about going to bed (one was Little Critter, I love Little Critter) and made a bear to put on the fridge. It's pretty funny to watch a 3 year old try to glue sequence on, I think Colleen took pity on him and helped!

Here's a shot of the crew. A bit of a small group but Colleen says it grows over the summer. That's okay with me though, Mr. Man still isn't too sure about story time.

He likes the part that comes after though!


  1. Awesome memories you have. What a handsome boy you have! I need to remember the library has activities esp. this summer.


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