Cleansing Time

Hi everyone. Time has past and I was meaning to blog this weekend but I want to limit my time on the computer on the weekends (as I spend so much of my week facing one) so I didn't.

Last weekend was the long weekend here and B's birthday (happy birthday!). We had a good weekend at home (the weather was the pits) and spent some family time together. We took a trip into the city on Sunday to get some clothes for the ever growing Superstar and a gift for B. We also stopped at Chapters and I picked up 2 books. The first is a cookbook that I'll review in a few weeks and the second is a book called "Clean".

So what is clean? Well it's a book about cleansing or detoxing the toxins in your body. It's not a fast. You get to eat. They call it a nutritionally supported detox program. You can have a shake/soup/juice for breakfast and supper. Lunch is a real meal with food from the okay side of the Elimination Diet. The goal is to avoid the no foods and therefore give your body a break from digesting food and allowing the natural detox processes to happen. You get to do this for 21 days. Yes... I said 21 days!

I started reading this book in the car on the way home and finished it on Monday. I started the cleanse on Tuesday. I'm just so amazed by this whole experience. I have never cleansed/detoxed before so this is a first for me. I was pretty intimidated by the 21 day thing but I'm on day 7 now and I feel fabulous.

The great thing about this cleanse is the supportive online community at I can ask questions in the forums, search for "clean" recipes, blog about my day, etc... It's a great resource!

There is so much info in the book, it's a little overwhelming. I'm finding that going back and rereading is helping a lot. It's pretty straight forward and easy to follow.

If you are interested in cleansing or have before, give this book at read. It's certainly got me thinking more about what I put into my mouth.

Cheers :)


  1. Wowzers! You are so disciplined. Much props to you.
    I always had fun shopping for new clothes w/my mom and oh gosh, going to the bookstore...pure heaven!


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