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taking a peek into my never ending queue...

Sorry about missing last week, time kind of slipped away from me and before I knew it a week has passed without blogging.

So anyway I've been loving some of the new patterns on Ravelry lately. There are lots of spring editions coming out and I'm still a bit enamored with the new Twist Collective for spring. There are lots of great patterns there that I would love to knit but I'll probably only really knit one or maybe 2. I blogged last time about the sun blanket, I still adore this blanket!

just in case you forgot what it looks like!

Another pattern that I really like is Vesna. I like it because it gives you a few different options. The first is a scarf/shawlette that looks airy and pretty. I love the lace pattern. The other is a stole/wrap, also a very pretty lace pattern. I like that Vesna means spring and that the lace patterns are Estonian. I really think I'll be buying this pattern soon. I have some nice fingering weight yarn from Tanis that has been waiting for the perfect pattern!

I'll share a few more of my faves from this issue of Twist but I really encourage you to click on the link and flip through the magazine yourself. There are 26 patterns that are worth checking out.

photo by jamie dixon

photo by jane heller

photo by jamie dixon

So what's in your queue?


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