I have to admit I'm a wannabe kayaker. I dream about being a kayaker with a capitol K. I think I've been drawn to sailing because I just want to be on the water. Kayaking seems like the closest thing for me.

The hilarious part is I live in Indian Head, Saskatchewan, right in the middle of Canada, about 5 hours straight west of Winnipeg (google it if you dare)...

Notice that there isn't any water anywhere near me on this map?!

So while it appears that way, it isn't really true. There is water here. There are 4 lakes just a 15 minute drive from my house that will be fun to explore. There is also a great river to kayak that connects these lakes called the Qu'Appelle River. It used to be a fur trading route and my kayak is small enough to navigate it just fine. Except maybe in a drought year when there isn't enough water or a year like this one when there is too much!

I got a Backroad Mapbook yesterday for Southern Saskatchewan and I'm totally surprised by the paddle listings! There are 25 lake and 9 river listings all withing a few hours of me. That's a few years worth of exploring I think!

I'm so excited to get started, I can't even begin to tell you! I just need to get myself a roof rack and transport system and I'm all set!


  1. And a waterproof camera so you can share your adventures! I love kayaking too, and even though I live in Michigan surrounded by water- there is actually no water where I live right in the middle of the state. We are also having water problems here- so we may be able to start kayaking in the streets if this rain doesn't let up soon.

  2. So fun!! Good luck with your summer of kayaking adventures, I know it'll be great.

  3. I agree with the others, be sure take plenty of pics. We have water very nearby but I don't kayak because we have gators in that water:)

    Can't wait to read of your adventures!!

  4. Kayaking is a terrific sport that lets you explore and get close to nature. Be sure to wear appropriate clothing and bring a well fitting PFD and have fun on the water!

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  6. How awesome that there are so many routes around for you!

    My town is currently in the process of building a kayak course on the river that flows through town. I expect to see a lot of people using it this summer. :)

    Enjoy being on the water!


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