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I finished the sweater on Earth Day just like I wanted. I tried it on and...

I wonder why I'm so hard to please when it comes to sweaters...

OK, so the things I would change and do differently next time are:
- knit the arms a size larger than the size I'm knitting the sweater. The arms are tight although, they've loosened up a bit and were fairly comfortable last night.
- adjust the 1x1 ribbing to start with a knit and end with a purl instead of starting with a knit and ending with a knit. When it came time to seam, it was obvious, which is a shame because it's an easy thing to fix. At least it's consistent through all the ribbing seams
- add a few inches to the arm length but that may be fine if I knit the next size arm.
- do a ear corn cable in the back portion to mirror the front panels. I chose a simple twist cable that looks fine but I think it would have looked better with the same cables.

Why am I so picky? The sweater looks great. I wore it all night last night and it felt fine. It fit and was warm and I love the creaminess.

The Superstar requested one in baby blue. I'm thinking that would be a lovely fall project. Maybe I'll get it right next time...


  1. Looks lovely! But I understand... sometimes you just gotta tweek it! :-)

  2. Freakin' gorgeous cardi! But I understand about the next time adjustments. As long as you'll be comfortable and happy with everything, it's all good.
    Lucky SuperStar!

  3. Oh wow, yours turned out so beautifully!! love the cream too- it'll go with everything.


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