A few weeks ago the Pathfinders and Rangers went Geocaching in town. We found a new one and checked in on an old find. It was a cold but fun hour and half of walking around with 5 rather silly teenagers. I think the winter was too long, they were pretty happy to be set loose with a GPS.

When the water dries up a bit I'll be taking this unit south to the number 48 highway and do a geocaching day trip. There are so many caches all along that highway in towns like Montmarte, Kendal, Odessa, Vibank, Davin, and White City. It's a great way to expose the girls to the history and monuments in the towns around us (as that is often where caches are hidden).

I'm lucky that these ladies share my enthusiasm for this game. If you're curious about geocaching check out their website. It's a great way to get outside and participate in the greatest treasure hunt ever.


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