Earth Day

I took a bit of a break from blogging this past week (had a bad cold, got some company, then more company) but I'm back and ready to fill you in on some of the fun stuff that's been happening around here. I'm hoping if I get all my chores done today, I'll have a big chunk of time to fire off some blog posts tomorrow. So today I'm only sharing a few pictures and a question.

The top picture is of my Easter Lily. I wanted something spring-like and pretty in the house because the weather has been the pits here. It has literally snowed everyday for the past few weeks (except the last few days). All that flooding I posted about last week is mostly receding and yet there's lots of water and some areas are still threatened by ice and floods.

The next picture is of my Aidez sweater. I'm seaming it today, well hopefully I get it seamed today! It's my Earth Day project.

It made me wonder if anyone else celebrates Earth Day and how?

The Superstar has decided to celebrate by cleaning her room (her idea but one I'm very fond of) but this time instead of just throwing everything in the laundry room or the garbage, she's sorting. She has a donation pile, a repurposing pile, a give away pile, and a very small garbage pile. Mr. Man is helping in a very 3 year old way by sitting on her bed and directing! Very cute!

Later we'll make some sugar cookies and some newspaper seedling pots for the garden.

So let me know what you're doing to celebrate or any tips and tricks for green crafts that you enjoy with your family. Happy Earth Day everyone!


  1. How do you usually seam? Kitchener or mattress stitch or 3NBO?

  2. I'm a fan of the 3 needle bindoff for sure. This pattern doesn't have shoulder seams to do that with so I used mattress stitch for the whole thing. I've only used kitchner to close the tips of mittens or the odd toy pattern that requires it, never in sweater patterns (or at least not any I've knit yet).


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