Water, water everywhere!

Ok, so last year we had a crazy year for rain. We got more rain than most people could remember and lucky us, right at harvest too. When winter came and the ground froze up it was saturated with all that water. Then we got snow. Lots of snow. Not record breaking amounts or anything but enough that people thought this spring could be fun.

Enter spring...

As you can see, last night my mum-in-law and I went for a little drive to check out the flooding in our area. The above pictures are the Trans Canada Highway (we call it the #1) just south of town. The number 1 is the major highway connecting Canada. A staggering amount of people travel along it every day. There's a flagger out on the road but at least it's open. About 20 minutes East just in front of Wolseley the number 1 is closed. I wish I could show you the pictures they had on the evening news last night. Wow!

We also headed out to Katepwa Lake to see the water there and weren't disappointed. The ditches are so full they look like rivers and the Qu'Appelle River is so swollen. I keep thinking about my friend Sheryl and her farm just along the river.


My favorite pictures are these next ones though. These people have some nice land, and a cute little creek that winds down the coulee. It isn't cute anymore.



I hurt for these people because this looks so bad. It won't go away anytime soon, this is what the other side of highway 56 looks like...

Someone said there's about 60 feet worth of water there. Yup, fun times...


  1. Yeah. Exact same conditions here in Brandon. Except that our town is actually on a river. This year the preparations are *serious*. Huge sandbags. They built up the dikes by 1m. Pumps installed. We're all just hoping they're over-preparing.


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