Queue Review

Today we're taking a sneak peak into my never ending queue!

Hi there, today I thought I'd look at one of the toys in my queue. I love knitting toys. Especially ones created by Susan B Anderson! She does the most fun detailed little toys imaginable. I haven't knit one for awhile so I'm really feeling the need to cast on but I want to finish some items in my wip pile first!

photo by Susan B Anderson

This little elephant is super popular on Ravelry and a free pattern too! Elephante is knit with worsted weight yarn on 3.5mm needles. It's a great pattern to use up little bits of stash as it doesn't take much to knit one up.  

I have so much yarn in my stash that would work for this toy. I may have to make a little army of Elephantes to use some of it up! How cute would that be!?!

*Snort! Sorry about the over use of italics in this post. It seems Blogger won't let me unstick the italics button!


  1. The elephant's adorable. Man, I was wondering if it was self-striping yarn or different colors. I see you're doing the swap.

  2. LOVE the elephant!Always a classic!

  3. Love him too. I think he was the first thing I que'd up on rav and he still sits there today.


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