Who doesn't love this stuff? I may have to indulge while I knit this cute little hooded vest this month.

photo by FrznExtremities

I've had this pattern queued for almost 2 years now and I even bought the yarn for it last summer. I thought it might languish in the depths of my queue for a few more years but Susan B Anderson over on the Spud and Chloe Blog decided to start a knit-a-long (KAL) for exactly this pattern. It seemed like a golden opportunity, and who am I to pass up one of those?! It's not like I need to knit anything else right now, I mean I have a ton of projects on my needles and a few that are about to start. Oh well... It's not like I don't like to knit or anything.

This is how far I got a few nights ago while watching Yellowstone on Netflix.

sorry for the sad picture, I lost the light rather quickly


  1. You are so funny, Jill! I used to drink rootbeer all the time as a kid, esp. rootbeer floats!
    Can't wait to see more progress of your Camp Hoodie.

  2. that vest looks amazing!! I love root beer too.

  3. (raises hand) Me. I can't stand root beer. I'll take a cream soda, though. :)

    I look forward to watching your progress!


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