Catch up

Not the tomato kind, the slacker blogger kind. So I'll dive right in :)

The Superstar had her 12th birthday party last weekend. She took 4 friends bowling. They had a great time throwing balls around in the dark. (It was really hard to get good pictures down there, they all turned out blurry) We played for about an hour and a half which thankfully turned out to be the perfect amount of time for 2 games before the natives got restless.

We also stopped at a Halloween store in the mall above the bowling alley and bought some costumes. The Superstar is a Sassy Devil (I hope to snap a picture of her at some point on Sunday) and Misterman is Spiderman. The overly muscled version!

The girls came home and made their own pizzas and drank floats and watched movies and slept over all in a pile on the living room floor. Very funny at 7am. Tempting to jump on, which is what Misterman did when we weren't looking!

When I was in the city I returned some yarn from the Cottonwood Sweater (I'll blog about that soon) and bought a skein of hand dyed orange fingering weight to knit up a little pumpkin hat. I forgot how slow the knitting can be when you use light yarn and small needles! I'll try to get a picture of my progress when the light is better. I've joined a KAL on the Itty Bitty Forum on Ravelry in the hopes that I could whip this up and have it finished in a few days.

 And I could if I wasn't so horribly distracted by everything else! I'm blaming all sorts of things from the weather, we were hit by a "weather bomb" to the crazy goodness that is my queue lately to kids activities like volleyball and skating for Misterman starting on Monday.

I'm working on some gift mittens that I'll blog about later and I started some fingerless mittens that Susan B Anderson posted about on the Spud and Chloe Blog. I love these already, I may have to keep them! I especially love that I'm using stash mohair and they are looking fabulous!!!

Happy Friday to you all!


  1. Tuckered out Spiderman is super cute. :) Love your daughter's birthday party. :) What fun!!


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