Saturday Junior Girls Volleyball Tourney

Yup. That's how I spent my Saturday, surrounded by young volleyball players in a tiny town called Southey.

The superstar and her team played against 4 others and I think they did very well for their first big tournament. If I sound like a Mom, well, that's because I am. While they didn't win, they did improve every game and by the end they won a set and held their own for the second set.

I was proud to see some of them serve and get it over the net, and amazed by how many of them were actually setting up plays and volleying and bumping like pros. They will be a team to be reckoned with in a few years that's for sure!

I love the way the superstar is all bent over and the ball is flying in the opposite direction. This happened a lot all day, for everyone really. You had to keep your eyes open for flying balls! A parental hazard!

We are off on Thursday to Southey again for another away game. I'll be there, resident mom and driver... I can't wait to see them play! Maybe I'll actually get some knitting in this time!

PS - Happy birthday superstar! I know it was yesterday but now it's here forever on my blog! I can't believe you're 12! Wow! Quit growing... slow down... I need to catch up.


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