Long Weekend Apple Fest!

Happy Long Weekend! I love long weekends, especially this one, kids are back to school on Tuesday and the apples at the farm are ready!

We spent the better part of yesterday afternoon stripping the trees of apples. The Super Star and Mister Man were great helpers and B climbed a rather unstable ladder to get the nicest ones from the top of the tree.

Those lovely Holly Hocks I blogged about on the last visit to the farm are just about finished blooming now. So sad to see summer slipping away but at the same time I got some handfuls of seeds to plant at our house in the spring. They are just so pretty!

B laughed at me because I spent ages taking pictures of this guy...

They sound so great, crickets. Usually they like to hide but at the farm they're everywhere, and they're big, and they jump. Pretty cool if you're a peanut or if you chase them about with a camera, but not so much if one crawls over your toe when you aren't looking.

The Super Star wanted me take a picture of this potato bug. They're kind of cool, when they're on someone else's potatoes.

When we got home I went to work washing and trimming the apples. I boiled them with a bit of water and then strained the mush to get the nicest coloured apple juice. Thick, slightly pink stuff it was too. Then this morning bright and early I got my Gran's canner out and all the stuff I need to make apple jelly. All those apples we picked yesterday, turned into all these jars of apple jelly today...

I'll start the crab apples, tomorrow...


  1. wow, apples already? Usually a mid fall activity around here! enjoy!


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