Tuesday Night Knits

For a knitting blog, I haven't been posting much about my knitting! I have been knitting though, lots! I just can't share much of it yet.

Here is something I can share. I knit a pair of fingerless mitts on the weekend. JoAnn gave me some great yarn as a gift when she went to New Zealand last winter called Naturally Karamea. This particular yarn is DK weight and is made of 75% Merino, 15% Alpaca, and 10% Possum. I really get a kick out of the possum bit. I wonder how they managed to shear a possum and spin up his hair? That would make a great Far Side comic for sure!

The pattern is called Susie's Reading Mitts and can be found for free on Ravelry. There are almost 2000 projects listed so it's a very popular pattern. I can see why too. It's simple to knit, fast, cheap (it only took one ball of yarn) and very cute. A perfect gift for a teacher or a friend or a coworker.

But these are for me!

So I basically followed the pattern as written except for a few mods:

* I cast on fewer stitches to make for a snugger fit, for me that was 36 stitches.

* I hemmed the false picot edge as I knit instead of seaming afterwards. So for the bottom hem, I had done a cable cast on and when I folded the turning row over I knit together the stitch on the needle with the corresponding bar from the cast on edge, making for a quick hem as I knit.

* I did the same for the top hem except I knit the stitch from the needle together with a bar from the last purl round and cast off at the same time. 

* I knit 14 rounds from the end of the lace pattern to the beginning of the thumb gusset.

* and I knit 3 rounds on the thumb before starting the purl rounds

Totally cute, totally warm and something I'll be making again really soon. I still have one more ball of this yarn so who knows, maybe I'll have to make a matching hat?


  1. those are adorable! love the colour! i don't believe i've ever knit with possum before, but it looks soft :)

  2. ooh, just gorgeous!! Simple, but with a bit of detail that make them amazing. I have these in my queue, and one of these days I'm definitely going to make them!!


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