Weekend joys...

I'm a happy girl today. I got a few things crossed off my to-do list and I love that feeling of actually accomplishing something.

I had a message sent to me on Ravelry earlier in the spring requesting kids items for a charity called Project Hope. I was tickled pink about the idea of knitting for Gypsies. I'm sure I have a very romantic notion of them but I can't help loving the idea that somewhere in Romania some little fellow will be wandering around playing in a sweater I knit. So I offered to knit sweaters for 2 four year old boys named Bogden and David.

I've had this sweater pattern in my queue for a long time and love it! It's cute and timeless, and very customizable! I knit 3 Wonderful Wallabies in blue and white, and teal and black. I think they turned out rather well, in fact Mister Man wanted them all! I had to give in and let him keep the smallest one. He was such a good model after all!

finished this morning
destined for Romania

Mister Man's keeper

The summer of the Wallaby is officially over! Hurrah!

Thank goodness summer isn't actually over yet! I'm not ready for another long winter. And in a desperate attempt to laugh in the face Jack Frost, I've planted 2 cherry trees in my yard today. Now some of you may be thinking that I'm a wee bit crazy but I've been told that these cherry trees are special, and will grow and produce lovely little sweet cherries. The variety is called Nanking and I honestly can't say whether I'm more excited about the fruit or the pretty spring flowers!

 Here's to making Nanking Jelly in the coming years! How cool is that?!


  1. I just love your wallabies! Cherry trees are just gorgeous when in full bloom. Nothing says Spring like a blooming cherry tree. :)

  2. The sweaters are smashing! Great colours. They'll be happily worn, I'm sure.


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