Friday Love

I got a ton of knitting done with my Uke-Mochi last night. The fabric is very soft and the stitch definition is good. I think it will drape well too. The colours are turning out very "sea" like and that should really appeal to the recipient.I get to knit the "fun" stuff today and I'm looking forward to it. I love Fridays!

So I have this great job where I only work Monday thru Thursday, so Fridays always feel like a bonus day for me. I get to spend the whole day with mister man and during the school year I can volunteer at the super star's school (if she wants me, so far she always says yes).

This day is perfect for getting errands and chores out of the way. Like going to the post office. Mister Man loves going to the post office. The post mistress (who wouldn't want that title?) gives out stickers to little people and that makes the post office a must stop today, especially since mister man has caught a summer cold and feels pretty miserable. Poor fella...

I'm excited about going to the post office today too. I've been patiently (trying to be anyway) waiting for this yarn that I ordered last week to come in. I'm just so excited about it! It comes from the Kangaroo Dyer via the Fiber Cooperative (link over on the sidebar). Please check out these links and moan in pure bliss over the lucious yarn and fiber you'll see there! Such a treat at the end of the week! Gail, emailed me when I placed the order and said it should be here by Friday so it's all I can do not to run out the door in my pj's.

photo slurped from the Kangaroo Dyer
See what I mean?!!!

Happy Friday!


  1. Love the colour of the Uke-Mochi (awesome stitch marker too lol), the Kangaroo Dyer stuff is GORGEOUS!!!

  2. What a great set up you have with your job. I'd like to work a couple days from home too!

  3. That shawlette is turning out so pretty. The yarn looks especially soft.


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