Isn't that a great name? It's the name of a yarn I bought a few months ago from Ursa (you should check out her online store, it's a fabulous place to ogle beautiful yarn that she dyes herself in amazing colourways). This yarn is 115 grams, 378 yards of 100% soy fingering and I love it! It's really pretty and not a colour I'd choose for myself.

It sat in my stash for a while waiting for the perfect pattern to come along and I think I found it today. I can't wait to knit up a great gift and give this lovely yarn to someone special for Christmas this year!

Last evening my son was out playing in the back yard and did what every little boy will do given dirt and a hose. He had a great time...

Don't you just love summer?!


  1. that is definitely gorgeous yarn- although there is something about having the yarn and the muddy hands in the same series of photos that makes me fear for the yarn!

  2. Beautiful skein of yarn. I love blue so that looks so dreamy!


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