It`s June!

Holy smokes June is here already! I've been a bad blogger again and I'm somehow becoming less apologetic about it as time goes on. I'm a fickle girl, in my knitting and apparently in my blogging too...

So the last few months have been busy. Winter is gone (finally), and the garden is planted, fruit trees are blooming, the little kid is playing baseball (oh the mosquitoes!), the big kid is getting ready for her class canoe trip and I`m still running.

Amazing that...

I had my second 5K race last weekend, maybe I`ll write about it later. I've had a recommitment to training happen because of it and that`s a great thing.

I'll be running a 10K in August and I really want to do well. It all comes down to training. I can do it. I can put off the fickleness and buckle down and accomplish my goals... right?

In the knitting front, I've got a few new projects on the needles. I'm doing a test knit that I'll share when I can and I'm knitting some toe up socks (a first for me). I'm also determined to finish the Wheaten Wrap I started last summer. I'm pretty close actually. I'd like to finish a few more projects but that won't happen this month.


  1. It's the kids who keep is the busiest yeah as we can't flake on their commitments and want them to be well rounded. You go on the training and getting two 5Ks under that skinny belt of yours.

  2. I love that picture of the poor rhino on the treadmill. That is too funny!


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