Recap and April Goals

March is over! I can't get over how fast time goes, really it's scary. I wish winter would go though. It seems to be hanging on. It's depressing.

I hit most of my March Goals, I'm shocked actually!

- run outside for 30 minutes at least 6 times - PASS - I ran more than 8 times and did over 30K!

- finish 2 wips - well I finished 1 wip and 3 projects so I'm going to say PASS

- blog once a week - PASS

- paint the living room - FAIL we're no where near painting yet, still mudding.

So what does April look like?

Hopefully like this...

Ah, that would be beautiful! I'm so sick of the cold weather! Down with the -20C windchills!

My April Goals are:
- run my first 5K race in under 45 minutes
- run 40-50K this month
- knit 3 baby sweaters
- knit 4 blanket squares for the Epic Sock Yarn Blanket
- blog at least 4 times
- do some strength training once a week

How about you? Did you pass on your March Goals? Got any April Goals?


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