To poke my eyes out or not to poke my eyes out?

That is the question...

Why do I always think knitting a guys hat in 1x1 rib is fun? It's not. It's seriously draining the life right out of me...

On the flip side...

This hat is gonna rock!


  1. LOL; you are funny. It will rock!
    Love your new header!

  2. Which pattern are you knitting? Or just a general 1x1 rib?

    My brother got Susan's Modern Ribbed Hat the year I learned to knit. He's lost it and requested a new one. I knit about 4 of those right in a row...he requested the same hat again but i'm toying with finding a new pattern because I feel as though I've knit that pattern plenty. :) We'll see. :)


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