Stash Inspiration

This weekend I went through some of my stash trying to figure out ways to use up odds and ends. I never seem to run out of those tiny bits of yarn... I pulled all my sock yarn together in hopes of casting on a scrappy pair of socks. The scraps almost fill a small lululemon bag. When it's full I'll be cranking out a few pairs of scrappy patchwork socks.

Meanwhile, I was left with 9 little balls that don't have nylon in them and are too soft/silky for socks. What to use them for?

Thank goodness for Ravelry! I went hunting and found Susan B. Anderson's Happily Ever After Mitts pattern. I made a pair a few years ago for the Superstar and its a fun free pattern.

I got knitting and finished the first one yesterday. I'm about halfway through the second as well. I'll be faced with an evenings worth of weaving in ends when the knitting's done... thankfully I don't mind so much.


  1. I love your Happily Ever After Mitts. And such a good use for those odd balls of yarn in the stash! :)

  2. You are ever so resourceful and eco friendly Jill. I salute you.


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