Fort Walsh

We went to Fort Walsh on Friday. The Fort is a national historic site and a fascinating one if you're into the history of the RCMP in the west.  They have reenactments, tours and people dressed in period costumes. The buildings are wonderfully maintained and the artifacts are great. I love that we were able to really explore the whole place.

We started at the interpretive centre, they have a great timeline history of the Fort and the area. There's a shuttle down to the Fort if you want it but we walked instead. The trail was a bit steep (especially going back up) but the view was so worth it!

I love that the trail between Fort Walsh and Fort Benton in Montana is still usable. I would love to hike/camp this trail one day.

So Parks Canada has this Young Explorer program that Mr. Man got participate in. He got to wear a Mountie shirt and run free all over the site playing games and working out puzzles found in a little booklet we were given. He had a blast. I did too!

Because he was the only little person there that morning, he got to help one of the "real" Mounties arrest some law breakers. B was one of the lucky ones that got arrested. He played his part very well and Mr. Man was hilarious.

The day got really hot by the time we started back up the hill. It was nice that there were benches to rest on.

We had packed a lunch and we were sitting there all happily munching away when suddenly B put Josie away in her kennel. I wasn't sure why since we weren't at all finished.

Out of some trees at the end of the parking area came a few horses. Then a few more, until suddenly there were about 20 of them. There were lots of babies too. 

It was a bit surreal. Especially since we were just immersed in a time period where people depended on horses for their very survival. It was a perfect way to end the trip.


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