Camping at Cypress Hills

We went camping at Cypress Hills InterProvinical Park this past weekend. It was fabulous! We stayed in the centre block where most of the camping is located for 5 days. There were over 1000 sites scattered in small camp areas around the block.

We were in Rainbow which was in a lodge pole pine forest. It was shady and exposed and got pretty crowded by Friday night. The funny thing was that even though there were so many people there was wildlife everywhere.

look closely

This guy was our dinner entertainment one evening, he was about 20 feet away from us for around a half an hour until Josie saw him. There were lots of silly squirrels and more deer. Tons of birds and flies. But no mosquitoes! It was almost heaven! 

The great thing about this camping spot was all the stuff to do! We hiked every day, we went and had ice cream and went to a dinosaur museum and geocached and I got to taste test at a winery.


B and I would like to go back sometime. When we do we'll camp in the West Block. It's much more rugged  and there are very few people. It's the biggest side and we barely explored it. There is just so much to see!


  1. What a fun mini holiday for you and ohana, Jill. The wildlife certainly weren't scared.


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