Tour de Fleece days 1 & 2

Well it's that time again. Time to compete in the Tour de France knitting style. The Tour started on June 30th and in true Jill fashion I forgot about it until Raili posted about her goals in the Itty Bitty group and on her blog. Thanks Raili!

I have the same goal I have every year... knit (or craft) for 20 minutes a day while the Tour is going on.

It doesn't seem like much of a goal really to me. I tend to knit everyday anyway. Not always for 20 minutes though, usually it's way more!

So on the 30th we were busy fencing and I didn't get much knitting in until B said "Lets go see the Avengers" and I said "Hurray!"

It was a great movie. It was also 2.5 hours long. Lots of quality movie theater knitting time.

I know that doesn't look like much but that's a whole inch on the body of my laceweight cardigan. I think I'm at about 300 stitches. Each row is taking forever now but I'm almost at the length I want.

You know I also did some needle felting on Saturday too. I'm trying to finish up my gnome home but I broke both of my felting needles.

I love needle felting. I can't wait to pick up some more needles. I have a whole lot of project ideas buzzing around in my head.

So now that takes me to Canada Day (yesterday) which was fabulous. It was another scorcher so I sat on the front porch in the morning and did a weaving-in-of-the-ends session. I got my Spruced Mitts finished and wove in the 2 little ends on my Truffle Ishbel shawl (I'm so ashamed it's taken me over 2 months to do that 5 second job) and I wove in all the ends on my test knit. I also knit another chunk on the cardigan but that was after we finished the fence and weeded most of the garden.

Today is day 3 of the Tour and I plan to put another inch or so on the cardigan and hopefully bind off the body. There aren't any plans to do chores today, I think it's a day of rest. We could use it!


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