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Today the sun is shining after a few days of rain. About the only thing good about the gloomy weather was the chance to get great FO pictures of my latest knits.

I finished this month's toy kal, the Panda and Zebra Hand Puppets from Itty Bitty Toys.

I think these 2 fellas will have great lives at the library. They can help out at story time and play with the kids in the summer program.

I also finished a little blue bird toy for last month's kal. I had a bit of a time getting decent pictures as the days last week were so hot and sunny (I'm not complaining!). So into the hedge we went. If I were a blue bird I would want to spend time in this hedge!

He even turns into an egg. How clever is that?

I've really been enjoying this ongoing toy kal. The next one will be the Princess and the Pea and will run through July and August. I'm excited to make her. I've never knit a doll and the Princess and the Pea story is such a cute one.

photo copyright Susan B Anderson
If you're up to a new knitting challenge join us this summer! The Itty Bitty Board on Ravelry is over 3000 members now. There are all kinds of conversations (threads) going about read alongs (Emma by Ms. Austen), knit alongs (kals like the toy kal, there's 2 sock kals, a mitten and a shawl kal too), and Mel just posted the new summer Swap - Lambs and Jelly Beans. Don't be shy!


  1. Gosh you are fast Ms. Jill! The puppets are adorable! What lively lives they'll have at the library. Love your bluebird; I swear it's the cutest I've seen. My eldest is dying for a Princess and the Pea project. I need to make her a Spud first.


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