Friday, June 29, 2012

the Superstar Reno

We started this bedroom reno last April. I know, it's taken me forever to get decent pictures. I blame the teenager. She's messy.

So a few years ago she asked for her room to be redone for her birthday. We said sure. As soon as we finish the laundry room (another post).

I did a post here about the painting and sanding and sheer volume of work.  I didn't do a post about the start of it, though I did take pictures.

Our house is old and some of the bedrooms have tiny closets. The door is tiny and the width is tiny but the length is crazy. Hangers don't hang straight and the back of the closet is basically unusable. So we decided to take out the door, build the closet out, add some shelves and hang folding doors.

It was a lot of work. Lathe and plaster is fun to destroy, not so much to clean up!

There were so many layers of wallpaper and paint that it took me forever to get it stripped. The trim in this house is beautiful but it too had layers of paint. I got to strip it with a spatula and a heat gun. Because we don't know for sure if there is lead paint (but there probably is) I got to wear B's mask. I don't think I'll ever post a picture of what I look like wearing it. So don't ask!

I also took down the stippling on the ceiling because it was gross. Thankfully that went fairly easily due to the under layer of wallpaper. Really? Wallpaper on the ceiling? Anyway, B rewired the room, added many more plugs (remember a teenager lives here) and also added a ceiling fan/light. This room didn't have a light in it at all so this was a huge improvement.

There you have it. Another room done. We only have about a dozen more to go!

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