Mr. Man's Reno

Of course after we finished the big kid's room we had to do the littlest one's. He had the smallest room in the house and we decided to move him into the spare room. That way all his toys can live in his room too. Hurray!

We started right after christmas. This was another of those crazy closet, too many layers of wallpaper and bad stippling on the ceiling kind of rooms. This one had a light but it was off centered (I have no idea why).

We closed up the closet completely and moved it to the opposite wall. There's a big chimney that runs up the house there and has our furnace vent inside (so I can't take it down). B built Mr. Man's new closet alongside of it.

We put in a new ceiling fan/light properly centered and many more plugs. I picked a light grey for the walls. It works with the cream baseboard colour. Mr. Man wanted bright blue curtains and I painted his dresser Spiderman red. The floor in his room is white too.

Now the kids have great bedrooms. We don't. I'd like to say our room will be next but it won't. I think maybe the little room that used to be Mr. Man's and is now B's office would be a faster project for this fall/winter. Plus I have the colours picked out :)

If you were wondering about my funky little picture collages go to and check it out. It's pretty fun.


  1. I love seeing the blanket you crocheted sitting on the end of his bed. It compliments the room so nicely.

    Your bedroom renos look fantastic. I wish I had the skills to do those things as our house could really use that sort of TLC. :)


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