Happy Mother's Day

Hi everyone! Happy Mother's Day weekend! Around these parts it's supposed to be sunny and hopefully warmer than yesterday (and maybe less windy too). There aren't any big plans for this weekend other than a book sale and some yard work, painting Mr. Man's room (so close to getting it done) and walking the puppy.

Yup, we got a puppy last month. Her name is Josie and she's a German Shorthaired Pointer. She's sweet and funny and chews a lot, mostly her toys but she likes wood. I have a fair bit of wood in my house from furniture to baseboards, so if you have tips to stop the gnawing please share! She's also full of energy! Full! I get up at 5:30am to take her out and go for a 30-45 minute walk, then after work I take her out for another walk (same length) and when B gets home, he takes her after supper for a run off leash for an hour or 2. She still pulls on the leash all the way home. She's crazy!

And cute! Did I mention how cute she is?

These pictures were from a walk at the PFRA a few weeks ago. She's just about doubled in size since we've gotten her. She's now over 9kgs. She went for second round of shots at the vets yesterday (and did wonderfully, she was so busy eating treats she didn't even flinch when the needle went in) and she's perfect they said. So don't be surprised if there are a few gushing "I sure do love my dog"  posts over the next um, say 13-15 years... :)

I kids news, Mr. Man is swimmer, taking lessons every week. Now that the outdoor pool is about to open here we'll get him into some summertime lessons. He loves swimming and I have high hopes that one day he can be one of the kids life guarding in the summer. The Superstar is busy with school and basketball camp starts next weekend. Then she's off on Band Tour. She had a formal dance at school last week and I'd love to post some pictures. One of her friends that's in dance did her makeup.

My knitting has slowed considerably since we got Josie. I kind of expected that but I didn't realize how going to bed at 9pm means next to no evening knitting time. I managed to bang out about a dozen dishcloths and this Greek Key pattern is my current favorite. It's a free pattern, check it out.

I also got pictures of my Whippoorwill Shawl that I finished in March. I like it but I'm not in love with it. I find it a bit tricky to wear and the colours are great, but not totally what I wanted. Of course if I knew what I wanted that would help a bunch wouldn't it?!

And lastly here are a few of the knits I did for the Hedgehog and Hippo swap on Ravelry.

Hedgehog Mittens
Hippo Dishcloths
Now this is the part where I promise to post more regularly but we're moving into summer and to be honest, I fully expect to be outside with the family enjoying it. But I'll try ;)


  1. LOL, Beautiful puppy! Lovely knitting! Enjoy the summer.. the blog will be here in the fall when the weather gets cold!

  2. Josie is cu-ute! Love her milk chocolate brown. I think having a dog makes it more excusable to be outdoors and to ah-hem skip a chore here and there, yeah?
    I love the colors you chose for the hedgehogs mitts! The hippo cloths are too cute.


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