The Rag Rug

This was such a fun project. I'm not sure why I put it down for so long but it took literally 20 minutes to finish it off on Friday.

I blogged about working on this rug last summer. It used up 2 twin sheet sheets, pillow cases too. The Superstar chose blue and orange for her room so I don't think this will work after all but it looks smashing in my laundry room!

I'd like to crochet a few more of these. Mr. Man has put in an order for his new room and I really should make one for the Superstar. These old wood floors can get pretty cold in the winter.


  1. Wow, that looks great, what a great way to use up pieces of material!!

  2. i love it! i still haven't made mine yet, even though I wound up a huge T-shirt ball last year. boy, oh boy!


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