Monday, September 5, 2011

Gnomes in Progress

Well yes they are... In progress, but really when you think about it, I knit these six in a day, felted them the next, am planning their faces as we speak (will be doing those the day this post gets published) and then... gnomes will be born... destined to eat my double pointed needles (dpns). Thank gnomeness!

Prefelting... Knit Picks Palette in (from left to right) Clove Heather, Mustard, Pool, Oregon Coast, Safflower, and Kumquat Heather. The faces are done in Oyster Heather and the hats are Serrano.

I knit them on size 4.5mm needles. A bit loosey goosey but the pattern says that's okay. I also knit the 7 inch length as many of my dpns are long... As well, I knit them in the round. Why seam if you don't have to?

Kumquat during the felting process. Very enjoyable when listening to podcasts... I caught up on the iMake podcasts... Very nice podcast. Inspiring really. I can't wait to try some other crafts like candle making, and glass art... I've been dreaming about learning stained glass... but I digress, back to the gnomes...

Felting is an amazing thing really. It turns normal knitting into dense, thick fabric. All you need is hot water, soap and friction.

Seriously... How cute is this hat?! I love it! And the macro function on my camera!

Here is the difference between the unfelted hat and the felted one. It shrunk, but not by much...

Kumquat Gnome is felted... hat and all...

He's faceless, but tomorrow after he dries I'll add his beard and needle felt his eyes. I have a needle felting kit that NrsMoo on Ravelry sent me last year that I haven't used. I can't wait to break it out. I'd love to decorate the tubes with some flowers and vines... so much fun!

Here is the Clove Heather colourway prefelted. I love these heathers from Knit Picks, especially the Oregon Coast one. They are so pretty!

Gnome Hats... awaiting gnome heads...

This is my gnome felter helper... Mr. Man thought the whole thing was good fun. So I put him to work...

Look Ma! A worm? A snake? A gnome? Ya right!

Gnomes hanging upside down... Gnome Hats in a row and zucchini seeds...  All drying in the window sill...

I can't wait to make the faces! When you read this, I will be... creating little people destined to eat my dpns. I'm totally tempted to make more... more and more. Enough to take over the world! Or at least send to my Itty Bitty friends!


  1. What a cute project! I love these and can't wait to see their faces:)

  2. they are so adorable. I can't wait to see them finished! did you felt them by hand?

  3. I love the story of the gnomes, they are very, very cute and whimsical. Great job

    Mary Rose


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