Last hurrah

This past weekend I went to Camp Lutherland with the Pathfinders and Rangers for our District Camp. It was a Pirate theme and I had fun!

The Superstar and I were there setting up tents at 5:30pm and by later that night we had a regular tent city happening...

We had a very nice indoor campfire the first night with everyone (minus the very little girls).

The girls got to tie dye buffs in their patrol colours and pig out on rice crispie squares and hot chocolate.

Saturday was filled with activities from beading Pirate Doohickies (you know, like the ones Captain Jack Sparrow has in his hair), to playing field games and of course eating. Followed by dishes... It was a bitter cold day with almost no sun. The best thing about the cold was it chased away the mosquitoes.


Sunday was a bright and hot day (thank goodness!) and the older girls got some outdoor cooking in for breakfast. I really wish I could have had bacon and eggs too but I'm still on my cleanse so I brought a big cooler full of my own food. It wasn't as satisfying as a good hobo breakfast though!

Camp ended with a big circle and some prizes and songs. And of course pictures of your buddies.

I had a great time at my last camp. I'm not leading next season so this was bitter sweet for me.

Thanks for the great memories ladies!


  1. what an idyllic location! Glad you had fun!!

  2. Looks like so much fun. And what wonderful memories you are making for your daughter. :)


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