Saturday At the Library

I starting making friendship bracelets when I was about 12 with embroidery floss. I used to pin them to my jeans and work on them everywhere. A few years later I learned how to make hemp necklaces. There was no going back! I formed an early and intense addiction to beads and I made piece after piece.

Fast forward many years and yesterday afternoon I taught a class at our local library on how to make these fun bracelets. I bought some hemp at Michael's and we had plastic pony beads. 6 girls ranging in ages from 7-12 came and they made 3 bracelets/necklaces each. I think they had a good time, I sure did!

Even the Superstar was there (although I've taught her how to do these knots a hundred times!).

Did you notice in the very first picture the yarn in the bottom left corner? I try to sneak fiber everywhere I go, and the library is no exception. I brought some acrylic stash yarn to teach the girls friendship bracelets because yarn is easier to learn on than embroidery floss plus it's almost instant gratification (being quite a bit larger than floss). If I was thinking I would have brought some needles along and taught them knitting! Maybe that can be a future class!

Afterwards the Superstar and I stopped at our local Ice Cream Parlour and indulged... It was a good afternoon.


  1. Wowzers! You have one impressive kit there! How fun for the girls and you. You go Mama!

  2. what a great use for a fishing tackle box!! Looks like it was a super fun day.


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