Apple Pie and Blocking

I don't usually sit at home on Mondays' blogging but Mr. Man has a whopper of a cold and I get to miss the morning of work. It's a good thing, I can catch up on some housework and blogging.

We have family coming for supper tonight and my mum-in-law is doing all the work. I was put on pie detail and a good old apple pie with crumble topping is the perfect thing. I'll run out and pick up some caramel swirl ice cream or maybe maple walnut and that's dessert!

Too bad I didn't make the pie yesterday when I was blocking my Guernsey Wrap! That would have been the best reward for all that hard work!

I made this sign because there were pins everywhere, I should have said "under foot" but I think people got the point (har har)! I'm still trying to get the hang of using my blocking wires and this was a good lesson in stretching my knitting to the max. I felt like I was wrestling with the wires and the pins kept popping out or bending. I could have watched my measurements a bit more closely as well, at one point I was out half an inch but thankfully it doesn't really show.

I know the wrap doesn't look like much in the top picture but I unpinned it last night and holy smokes is it soft! And drapey! I love it! I'm hoping to get some decent FO shots this weekend and I'll do a proper post all about the pattern (fabulous) and the yarn.

Have a happy Monday!


  1. Blocking makes such a difference even though it takes freakin' forever to thread the lace wires through the project's edging! I swear it took me 40 minutes once. Love that sign...*chuckle.*
    OOOH!!! Your pie looks absolutely delicious darling! Energize three slices down here pls.


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