Caching along Highway 619

I took the kids Geocaching yesterday afternoon. We went after lunch for a few hours and good thing too because the heavens opened up shortly after we got home! So much rain and wind! We got snow overnight too, bah! I thought that tackling a few caches along the # 619 range road would be a good way to start our season.

Our first stop was a fun little cache above Redfox Creek Valley HiDeeKi #5. I think that's one of the best things about Geocaching, seeing places you ordinarily would never go to. It's a pretty spot and the cache was an easy find. The Superstar literally tripped over it!

We saw our first crocus. Once we spotted one, they were everywhere...

There's still snow in the shade spots and lots of standing water. We laughed at some of the shapes left behind in the ditches. Like this one...

We drove to the next cache and I can't wait to favorite it! It's called HiDeeKi #10. I didn't know Lake Marguerite was there, ice and all. There were cool stone ruins (probably an old barn) and a pretty little cemetery perched on a hill over looking the lake.

I didn't take the kids to the cemetery because the Superstar thought it was creepy and there was a closed gate. I'd hate to trespass on some one's property but I'd love to go back and have a look at it someday. I also want to check out the lake with the kayak if there's public access.

Kendal was our next stop after the lake. The village of Kendal is truly tiny, only about 60 people live there but their kids park is great! If there weren't pools of water we'd have stayed for a longer time. The cache we were looking for was hidden well, but easy to find. It's called Cummin 22 and it's one of many along the # 48 highway that tcummin has placed. I'm hoping to get all of them this year so I'm happy with the quality of this one.

We were going to stop at the PFRA to let the Superstar find the cache there (I found it last year) but Mr. Man decided to go down the slide in the above picture even though I told him he'd get wet. He had a good slide and a wet bottom and I learned a lesson when geocaching with kids. Always bring extra dry warm clothes!

So 3 out 4 isn't bad. We'll get the last cache another day...

In fact I have a whole route planned out for tomorrow!


  1. So you're finding purposely hidden containers? What are in them? This geocaching biz is so neat.

  2. yup. The Geocaching website has a really good video that describes the sport. It's fun! You should try it, I'll be there are tons of caches where you are!


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