Three Cups of Tea

The March pick for our book club is called Three Cups of Tea. I'm struggling a bit to get going with it. I have a terrible cold this week that's left me fuzzy headed and tired. I have faith I'll get through it though!

A brief summary up to where I am: The author Greg Mortenson attempts to climb K2 in memory of his sister Christa and fails to reach the summit. On the way back down he stays in a tiny village called Korphe and makes friends and a promise. He will build the children a school. So he goes home to the States, tries to raise funds, gets the money (about $12K) and returns to Pakistan. Once there he purchases the materials for his school. I'm at the part where his supplies and himself are on the way up the mountains to Korphe. Right now they are stopped at bridge due to a standoff between rebels and the military.

I have to say it's been a sluggish read so far. I want to identify with him and feel his commitment to the poor in Pakistan, but all I feel is, humph... I hope it picks up with the actual building of the school.

I'll keep you posted.

Thought I'd share a funny picture of Mr. Man with you. He fell asleep on the couch this afternoon (yes, it's a pj day today). Usually I don't sneak around taking pictures of him while he sleeps, even though he's super cute when he's sleeping.

I just had to this time...


  1. So cute! Is that a half eaten marshmallow? lol

  2. You are so awesome to challenge yourself w/such type of reads. Mr. Man is so handsome, a beautiful boy.

  3. it is a marshmallow! He's such a card!


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