New Look

I got a little case of spring fever yesterday afternoon and started fooling around with the background of my blog. I've been using Hot Bliggity Blog. They have some really great backgrounds but this time I had the hardest time finding one I liked. They were either too gaudy or stretched out. Now I'm no code monkey so computer lingo just goes right over my head. That means if I break it, I can't always figure out how to fix it. That's very limiting and a wee bit frustrating!

So I went over to BestBloggerTemplates.Net and scrolled over to the how to download section. I found a smashing video on how to load the template I like to my blog using Firefox (or windows, they have a video for that too). 


I'm still fiddling with things. I may change up a few items on my side bar and maybe add a menu bar of some kind, some pages... Who knows, the sky's the limit now that I know there are blogs out there dedicated to making mine more enjoyable for me to use and you to read.

So what do you think? Is it a keeper?


  1. I love the green! I get bored too with blog backgrounds as well. I've used some templates from before for my ohana blog.

  2. I like your new look. :) The tree is my favorite part! :)


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