Finally it's Friday!

I have lists of things I need to accomplish this weekend. Ordinarily laundry would be right at the top but my parents were here this week (sadly gone now) and my wonderful Mum did most of it for me! Yay for Mums!

So here's the list in no particular order:
- finish Easter Swap project
- run to the city for:
                - a bit more Easter Swap goodness for the parcel
                - find my Dad's birthday present, now destined to be late...
                - groceries
                - take back pants that are too big (yes!)
- fill out band trip form for the Superstar done!
- order seeds for garden done!
- finish book club book
- general weekend type chores like dusting and cleaning bathrooms (fun times)
- try to get a start on organizing the paperwork for income tax (bah) done!
- bring up the spring/summer clothes from the basement done!
- take the plastic off the windows! done!
- knit? relax? play outside? All of these? Hopefully!

How about you? Do you make crazy lists on Friday like I do, of all the things you hope to accomplish?

my apple tree a few springs ago

Happy weekend :)


  1. YES! Yeah for Mommies and two fist pumps in the air!
    No, I don't make lists. I find I don't pay them any attention at all. You're so good, Jill. I'm sure you'll get lots done this weekend.


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