2011 Seed Directory

I got this in the mail a few days ago and I'm so impressed! It's grown to be a huge catalogue this year! I've been a member of the Seeds of Diversity for 3 years now and I'm so glad I am. I really encourage everyone to look through their website and read their mission statement.

I'm already plotting and planning my garden. In fact I began scheming in December when I got my copy of porn West Coast Seeds. I got all giddy and excited. OK, I'll admit I may be a bit addled. I made a list of the seeds I want and if I grow them all I'll need to knock down my neighbor's house and steal her yard. Sadly, I'll be whitling the masterlist down to a more managable length. Sorry about the quality of these photos, my flickr link is not being very nice to me this morning.

We have a small growing area in the back of the house on the east facing side. There's a plot about 8 feet by 24 feet (very rough measurements here, I'm visualizing in my head, a rather faulty process) where I grow the bulk of my veggies. It's far from ideal. The house blocks most of the sun and there's a huge spruce tree on the neighbor's side of the fence that not only throws cones and needles at us, but he's a water hog too. I'm not mad at him though, he's been around for at least 100 years.

I have a flower bed along the south side of the house. Last year I took a shovel and hacked another foot of lawn away to make it about 3 feet by 20 feet. It's a nice chunk of dirt that houses my Irises, Lilies, Peonies, and a few other lovely bushes and flowers. It's a very sunny and hot spot in our yard. I've been known to grow tomatoes there and will again this year. I may try a squash like pumpkin too, so the vines can have somewhere to spread out.

Last year I also put in a flower garden under my Spruce tree. I don't know if much will grow there but I'm determined to try. I think mostly flowers and some shade tolerant plants. I'm looking at growing some Columbines this year, they'd look pretty there.

photo taken from online source

So what does your garden grow?


  1. Unfortunately we don't have one but some Jade plants, a few bushes, and bark. That is so admirable of you to be part of such a society and to grow beautiful things.
    Any magnolia trees in your area?

  2. oiy I wish! Too cold here, they wouldn't survive the winter. My Aunt has one, she lives in BC and it's lovely!

    My Jade plant grows indoors on the dining room table :)


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