FO - Rootbeer Hoodie

Hurrah for another finished project this year! I'm up to 3 officially and so close to a few more!

I've blogged about this sweater and given a few peeks at the progress but here is the finished hoodie.

This is such a fun explosion of colour! The knitting went super fast and the pattern was straight forward and easy to follow.

A few notes and mods:

I knit the size small and it was perfect.

I omitted one of the colour bands. I wanted the colourwork to be lower than the pattern suggests.

I knit an extra 1.5 inches of stockinette at the waist area to add more length to the torso.

If I was to knit this again I would decrease the arms more to make the shoulder seams shorter. The shoulders are bit too broad even with the hood turning part of the fabric back.

If I knit this again (I can actually still do this if the mood strikes) I'd knit short sleeves. That way I could ignore the above point because it wouldn't matter.

I striped the hood. I thought I'd run out of the brown so I knit 1 inch stripes (worked out to 6 rows of each colour) alternating colours until I reached the length stated in the pattern.

I didn't do pompoms, I did tassels. We'll see how they stand up in the wash.

I knit all the ribbing on 4mm needles, the rest of the hoodie on 5mm.

I'm going to enjoy wearing this one with jeans. I don't think have shirts that match though! I need to go shopping for an orange, lime green and electric blue t-shirt. Never thought I'd need some of those!


  1. Freakin' phenomenal!!! The hood is outstanding, Mamasita!

  2. This hoodie is so amazing!! I love the colourwork, it's a real knock out.

  3. Beautiful! I LOVE the detail around the waist.


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