FO - Lavender Grey Cowl

Here is my first cowl! B says 'bah it's a neck warmer', but I say it's warm and squishy and fun. I love the colour and the buttons work perfectly with it.

I won this yarn from Tanis's blog a few weeks ago. She sent it to me super fast, like within the week! I couldn't resist casting on. The pattern is called Button Cowl and is free on Ravelry. The knitting itself flew by and I lightly blocked it before I sewed the buttons on.

I wasn't sure I'd get any decent pictures because it's bitterly cold here but the Superstar managed to get this one, and I kind of like it, minus the no makeup part.

Here are a few more that I snapped in the house. I like how the colour seems to shift and move. It's just so pretty.


  1. I love the intricate colorway. Lookin' fashionista hot Mama.

  2. that is so, so pretty!! the colours are gorgeous.


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