Bookclub - Annie Freeman's Fabulous Traveling Funeral

OK, I didn't read this book. I thought about it and decided to skip it. January was busy, I know it's a lame excuse but there you have it. Robin did a most excellent job hosting the meeting though. She put together a fun and perfectly themed night for us, complete with chauffeurs, flowers, games, munchies and a journal.

First stop, the Wooden Nickel Saloon in Indian Head. We had a drink, opened discussion on the book, gave a bit of an outline of the evenings schedule and basically caught up with each other. We admired Sheryl's red shoes that smelled only a bit of spray paint and laughed at Tara's thieving of her son's red beaver scarf.

The next stop was Erin's house. She just had the cutest little girl a few months ago and had her own schedule to maintain. Harper is a little elfin doll complete with pointy chin and old world eyes, she is such a lovely baby! We got to play a few games, drink a bit more and break into the munchies. Thanks to Jim for putting up with a room full of women!

Our drivers were a couple of fantastic men who braved the weather (it was typically bad winter driving) and took us to our next stop, the Katepwa Pub. We had another few drinks, and some more book chat. We talked about friendship, regrets and funerals, a rather potent combo that kept us going for good while.

Robin had us write down our regrets to take to our next destination. We followed a path to one of the lovely cabins on the lake. She started a fire and symbolically threw all those slips of paper in.

The next stop was back in town at Andrea's reno. We wandered around admiring all the dust and hard work that's gone into it, and it's potential to be a lovely home soon. We opened wine, lit candles, broke out the munchies and started another game or two.

Our last stop was at Janice's recently reno'd apartment. I must have been getting lazy because I didn't snap pictures there. Too bad, it's a beautiful apartment with great rooms and a view of Grand Avenue. The story of that place is a long one full of laughter and friendship. It made for the perfect last stop on our trip.

I had a blast and stayed out way too late. But the memories are fun (Robin doing cartwheels), the pictures even better, and these ladies... well, they're the best.

I had to add my favorite picture of the night.


  1. Wow! This night was amazing! How cool what your friend arranged and what awesome activities you all did.


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