Queue Revue

Today we're taking a sneak peak into my never ending queue!

Hello again,

In this weeks edition of Queue Revue, I'm looking at blankets. I have a few patterns in my queue that I want to make next year. Some are knit and some are crochet (the next crafting frontier for me!).

photo by kelp

Isn't this a great blanket?! I love the white border and multi coloured honeycombs. The blanket is called Komb by the Berroco Design Team and it uses an aran weight yarn. This would be a wonderful heavy couch blanket to snuggle under, or a fabulous bed blanket to add some extra warmth when the mercury dips in the winter. I have a lot of white aran weight acrylic yarn in my stash from my mother and father in-law and this would be a great project to use it up.

photo by MoreThanOneWay

Look at this beauty! I can't wait to make this one too! I think this may be a multi year project though. The Barn Raising Quilt uses sock weight yarn and is a great option for using up all the scraps that are left over from knitting socks (or mittens as in my case). I don't have much sock yarn in my stash, but this blanket is the best excuse to go out and buy some!

photo by brooklyntweed

Remember Brooklyn Tweed from last week's Queue Revue? Well he also has a number of very fine blanket patterns. I particularly like this one, the Hemlock Blanket. It reminds me of those doily's that used to live on the back of lazy boy chairs or Chesterfields when I was a small child. I'm drawn to how lovely the lace looks on a bigger scale and with a subdued colour like grey.

I'd like to knit this one for a lap blanket for our living room. Or maybe to throw on our green leather chair. Or even in a finer yarn, it would make a lovely table cloth!

photo by LizK

And here is the Ripple Blanket! I have always wanted to make an afghan like the one my Mom made me when I was a little girl. It was dark purple, lilac, and white and I'm pretty sure she crocheted it in a ripple pattern just like this one except the stripes were 4 to 5 lines thick.

This one is a bit more vibrant than I remember but really cute! I have a lot of stash acrylic in all kinds of colours and weights that I'd like to use up. It would be nice to knit this blanket completely out of stash. But first I have to learn how to crochet!

Hope you enjoyed the peek at my future blanket projects...

And so, I must ask, what's in your queue?!


  1. Beautiful choices. I have my eye on a ripple blanket too, but like you my crochet skills are not up to par yet.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. I like the second and fourth choices! Good eye, Jill!
    I hear ya about the crocheting frontier. My godmom made my eldest a granny squared, baby blanket. When I saw her at my bro's wedding, I told her how much more I appreciate it b/c I became a knitter. She said she would teach me! I'll need to take her up on that offer next year.


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