Look at my Thumbs!

Here's a look at my first pair of Fried Chicken Mittens! Gosh I love that name! I made them with some Cascade Eco in grey (that haunts my stash in large amounts) and did some embroidery in scrap purple stuff. I actually found two cute buttons that match the Superstar's new favorite colour.

This was a super easy pattern to knit. I did some mods though because I usually do...

* I knit 17 rows in 2x2 rib and then on the next round I knit and increased 4 throughout the round (once per needle). My original intention was to knit a liner and I still may.

* Oh, and I knit these on dpns because I haven't tried the magic loop technique yet.

* I followed the pattern after that but adjusted for the 4 extra stitches.

* I picked up the 2 stitches for the thumb as per the pattern but on the next round I knit them together with the next stitch, so ~k all sts until last 3, k2tog, k2tog (last stitch plus first stitch).~ I had to adjust the thumb pattern a bit so the decreases were at the end of the round, where those picked up and knit back together stitches were. This made for a bit slimmer of a thumb and no holes to sew up later.

The next time I knit them (which is right away!) I'll skip the knit rounds prior to closing the top of the mitten and the thumb. I think it makes a bit of pointy tip which looks odd to me. I'll also knit a much longer cuff and I'll probably not do those extra increases.

I enjoyed the thumb! Really! I panicked a bit when I had to put those stitches on my scrap yarn. The thumb opening was awfully big, but the pattern says relax, the thumb is supposed to look big. Thank goodness for that! The tapering that happens when knitting the thumb after really does the trick! The thumb fits!

Truly a great fun pattern!

Ta da! A new pair of mittens for the Superstar!


  1. Isn't embroidering mittens satisfying? I really like your design.

    I'm really intrigued to try these. I just don't have bulky yarn or I'd have cast on already.


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