Susan's Surprise

Hi everyone. I'm so happy to share the great project many of the Itty Bitty Knitters participated in over on the Ravelry forum. I really think knittingknirvana describes it so perfectly in her videocasts. Please check them out. They are worth listening to (in my case a few times over!). Here's the link to Susan's post on Ravelry after she got the blanket and here is the thread where it all happened.

If you aren't a member of Ravelry yet, why not?! If you are non knitting reader, I'm sorry. This post is all about the knitting, and the links are all Ravelry based except for the videocast. That you can check out anytime!

I have lots of knitting to share after the holidays. Unfortunately not much right now. I'm trying to whip up a few of these neckwarmers though. B asked for one for work and since it's now -20 I'm thinking I better knit faster. I also noticed when Mr. Man is on the ice, the back of his neck is exposed and I keep thinking it must get cold, so I'll be making him one soon too.

(not my picture) by tienne

I couldn't help myself and cast on for the Deirdre shawl pattern last week. I'm using Dream in Colour Smooshy in the Ruby River colourway and I love it. It has purple and pink all over the place. I'm not a big fan of how nylon-y this feels knit up on small lace needles, but I'm hoping a good soak will help that. This is a sock yarn after all and I've been spoiled knitting shawls in silk blends lately.

This is the yarn and I did actually wear it out to a breast cancer fundraiser "girls night" back in September. B thought I was a dork, but I got big compliments. It was a fun way to show off pretty yarn, and my neck was really warm! Plus, I just don't own much pink. This shawl will be perfect for next year.

We sure got hit by some serious snow yesterday and last night. We must have 2 feet now and some of the drifts are probably close to 6 feet. Wow! I hope to get some pretty pictures of snow and kids and volleyball (last tournament) this weekend that I can share.

Until then, 
Happy Friday!


  1. Thanks for the shout out! :) I also am thinking of making the neck warmer for my little guy. I wear scarves all of the time and he wants one, but a scarf and a little boy makes me nervous. I have visions of strangulation on play ground equipment. So, neck warmer it is! :)

  2. yarn as a necklace is the best accessory!! I think it looks awesome.

  3. Those neckwarmers are great for toddlers in daycare/school where they don't allow scraves! I think I'll have to add a few on my stocking stuffer list, too!

    Love the yarn necklace!


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